7 quick tips to organise your kid’s wardrobe

A change in season is the perfect time to restructure your kids’ wardrobes and tackle the mess that, let’s admit it, has undoubtedly built up in your wardrobes over time 🙂 Here are 7 easy tips to get, and stayorganised.

1. Use the door space

The back of those closet doors has so much potential. Hang hooks to prepare the outfit of tomorrow, or put up an organiser with pouches for things like hair pins and belts.

2. Box it away

Use bins or boxes for things like underwear and socks. They can be placed on the bottom of a hanging section, underneath the closet or on shelves, and will save a lot of mess. Label them with names or pictures, or colour-code them and teach your little ones the system.

3. Hangers are your friends

Kids might struggle a bit with clothing hangers to begin with, but once they’ve got the hang of it (no pun intended), it’s worth your while; the more you hang, the neater their wardrobe will look. Folded clothes tend to become messy overnight, so hanging t-shirts, tops and even shorts will make everything look a lot more organised.

4. Create your own bars

Not enough space to hang all those clothes? Consider installing an extra bar in their closet. Most wardrobes are tall enough to fit two rows of kids’ clothes. You could either hang their least used clothes, like formal wear, on the top one, so they can reach for their usual clothes themselves, or install a step for them to get a bit higher up.

Alternatively, you don’t necessarily need a wardrobe to install a bar! You can install one in a different part of the room by hanging it from the wall, installing it between two walls or buying a small clothing rack. Why not put those cute kid clothes on display?

Wardrobe with kid clothes

5. Store clothes vertically

If you’ve got drawers, put their folded clothes in there vertically. It might seem strange, but this way, your child can see all their clothes at a glance, and won’t topple over the whole stack when pulling out that t-shirt at the bottom. Need some help? Check out this short video.

6. Divide the drawers

Another way to make drawers more organised is to put little baskets in them to divide sections. One for socks, one for belts, one for pyjamas and one for short sleeves. You can still store things vertically in the baskets!

7. Create a size system

We all know a big part of kids’ wardrobes are clothes that are either still too big or already too small. To make sure these don’t clutter up useful space, create two bins or boxes and label them. This way, clothes can move smoothly from the ‘too big’ box, via the wardrobe to the ‘too small’ one.

If you have multiple kids, the journey can continue: the eldest’s ‘too smalls’ can go into a younger one’s ‘too big’ box. If the journey is finished, trade in your clothes with TreasureHouse.com to receive store credit for your items. You’ll feel organised like never before!




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