7 quick tips to organise your kid’s wardrobe

A change in season is the perfect time to restructure your kids’ wardrobes and tackle the mess that, let’s admit it, has undoubtedly built up in your wardrobes over time 🙂 Here are 7 easy tips to get, and stayorganised. Continue reading “7 quick tips to organise your kid’s wardrobe”

Meet the Mothers: Delphine & Beth

Welcome back to another episode of ‘Meet the Mothers’; our series of talks about parenthood, culture, lifestyle, kids and fashion. This time we talk to a dynamic duo: Delphine & Beth, co-founders of the ‘elevated t-shirt’ brand Livotte. Continue reading “Meet the Mothers: Delphine & Beth”

Introducing: Pedals!

Green clothes need a green way to be transported. As you might have noticed, here at Treasure House we’re all about sustainability, so that includes finding eco-friendly ways to get our clothes from A to B. Which is why we’ve teamed up with Pedals! Continue reading “Introducing: Pedals!”

Meet the Mothers: Leonora

Welcome to our sparklingly new series: ‘Meet the mothers’! We’re delighted to announce this latest addition to our blog, in which we talk to different mums about parenthood, lifestyle, culture, kids and fashion!

This month we talk to Leonora Bamford, from the influential parenting blog and magazine My Baba. She talks to us about her work, parenthood, lifestyle, culture, kids and fashion. Continue reading “Meet the Mothers: Leonora”

How to: make decluttering your new hobby

Teaching his daughter good valuesdeclutter /diːˈklʌtə/ [verb]:
remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place)

Decluttering. It’s one of those terms that we’ve all read or heard about. Some of the braver souls among us may have even given it a go, for others it’s that one item on the bottom of the everlasting to do-list that never quite makes it to the top. Continue reading “How to: make decluttering your new hobby”