3 x awesome companies that recycle kids stuff (and food)

In the midst of bringing up a (set of) little human(s), it can be hard to remember that kids’ items also have their ecological impact. Luckily, more and more initiatives are popping up to help reduce our children’s carbon footprints. Here are three UK companies that are making parents’ lives easier when it comes to recycling. Continue reading “3 x awesome companies that recycle kids stuff (and food)”

How to: remove classic kids’ stains

Part of extending the life of children’s clothes is knowing how to deal with tricky stains. Sooner or later, kids will manage to get a whole cocktail of smudges on their clothes – and they seem to have a special talent for doing so on newly bought items… But don’t stress! We’ve created panic-proof guide on how to treat different types of stains.  Continue reading “How to: remove classic kids’ stains”

5 x DIYs with kids clothes

Soft Focus of a Two Years Old Child Choosing her own Dresses from Kids Cloth Rack

If there’s one thing that’s better than recycling, it’s upcycling. Because what’s more fun than turning outgrown favourites into new eye-catchers? DIY-ing with clothes is a perfect crafting activity, and a great way to teach the next generation about sustainability and recycling. Continue reading “5 x DIYs with kids clothes”

How to: get back into the school routine

It’s among the most stressful times of the year: the back to school period. The kids are not the only ones that have to transition back into the school rhythm, you as a parent might have some difficulty adjusting too. Gathering school materials, syncing up agendas and finding a new babysitter can all be quite stressful, so here are some tips to make the process as smooth as possible. Continue reading “How to: get back into the school routine”

Top 3 brands on TreasureHouse.com: August

Curious to know which items are flying from their hangers as soon as they’ve arrived to our warehouse? Which brands are loved by mothers and children alike? Here are the current top 3 trending kids’ brands on TreasureHouse.com. Continue reading “Top 3 brands on TreasureHouse.com: August”

Meet the Mothers: Delphine & Beth

Welcome back to another episode of ‘Meet the Mothers’; our series of talks about parenthood, culture, lifestyle, kids and fashion. This time we talk to a dynamic duo: Delphine & Beth, co-founders of the ‘elevated t-shirt’ brand Livotte. Continue reading “Meet the Mothers: Delphine & Beth”

How to: throw an epic kids’ party

You face the challenge at least once a year: organising your child’s birthday party. While you probably have a million other things on your to do list, they’ll have to make way for organising The Big Day. Are you struggling to find inspiration this year? Then you’re in luck: we’ve got you some fresh ideas. Continue reading “How to: throw an epic kids’ party”