Easy DIY Costumes for Kids this Halloween

Kids carving pumpkin on Halloween. Trick or treat.

Splashing the cash on an outfit for just one night of the year is expensive – and

Shop-bought fancy dress costumes may be a quick and easy go-to, but from oil-
based synthetic materials to the plastic fibres shed by polyester, it’s probably
time we considered their impact on the environment.

Did you know:
* On average Halloween costumes only get worn twice, and 2 in 5 are worn only
* An estimated 7 million Halloween costumes end up in the bin each year-
adding to the 300,000 tonnes of clothes that end up in landfill annually in the UK
* More than 70% of us buy costumes from supermarkets, fancy dress shops
and online? [wiseuptowaste.org]

“But I don’t have spare hours to spend weaving witchy frocks and kitting
vampire fangs!” we hear you cry. Fear not – we’ve rounded up some of the best
DIY Halloween costume ideas to knock up in a hurry…

Make a skeleton costume in 10 minutes

The always fabulous thisisladyland.com has a genius idea for pulling off a
skeleton suit in mere minutes – perfect for those ‘oh my god it’s 3pm on October
31 and I haven’t got anything for the kids to wear’ moments. All you need is a
dark long-sleeved top, a white T-shirt and a pair of scissors. For the how-to
guide, see thisisladyland.com


Spider tights and umbrella bats
The Mumsnet manual to last-minute Halloween has a wealth of panic-stricken
ideas, from an 11 th hour spider (you need tights) to bat wings fashioned from an
old umbrella. www.mumsnet.com

bat costume

Ghosts, zombies and mummies

Instant zombie or terrifying mummy, this goodtoknow.co.uk guide has 8
costumes you can pull off in a jiffy.
See www.goodtoknow.co.uk/familycostumes

Ghost costume for Halloween party

No Sew Wizard Outfit

With a bit of material, some coloured card, scissors and glue, family blogger
daisiesandpie.co.uk can help you whip up a wizard hat without a stitch in sight.
See www.daisiesandpie.co.uk

Paper bag Frankenstein’s monster

The brilliant craft site Red Ted Art has the perfect solution to Halloween woes.
All you need is a brown paper bag and some paint. Your kids can even pull this
one off themselves. Result!
See www.redtedart.com

Easy Hallowen Costume Frankenstein

Sew a spooky bat top

OK, you’ll need a little more time for this, and access to a sewing machine, but
this tutorial from Etsy blogger Anda makes knocking up a bat-wing costume a
See blog.etsy.com/en/diy-bat-costume-for-kids/

Etsy.com handmade and vintage goods

Make a ghost costume from an old sheet

This ace tutorial from loveyourcloths.org.uk shows you exactly how to spin some
ghoulish glory. You just need a sheet, dark upcycled fabric (for example an old T-
shirt), fusible webbing, string, a pen and a needle and thread…
See www.loveyourclothes.org.uk


Use what you’ve already got

From pipe cleaner bat ears to a woolly cat’s tail, themadhouse.com has five smart
ways to whizz up a Halloween outfit from things you already have at home.
See www.muminthemadhouse.com

5 DIY Halloween Outfits from things you have at home wizard costume



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