Turning the clocks back – to a more sustainable way of life

time to change written by hand

As the nights draw in, leaves turn and fall, and the clocks wind back for the winter, many of us will be mourning the loss of those sun-dappled autumn evenings.

But did you know that changing the clocks began as a campaign to conserve energy costs, and to encourage a more sustainable life?

In 1905, builder William Willett – coincidentally the great great grandfather of Coldplay singer Chris Martin – was enjoying an early summer morning’s horse ride in Petts Wood, near Chislehurst in Kent, when he noticed that many people remained in bed, curtains drawn against the sunlight.

Two years later he published a pamphlet, ‘The Waste of Daylight’, in which he argued that advancing the clocks during the summer months would save £2.5 million in lighting costs and increase time spent enjoying the great outdoors.

 Willett’s vision was finally realised in 1916.

Now, more than a century on, as our understanding of our impact upon the planet deepens, we are more in tune than ever with the notion of conserving its riches, relishing our time with nature and making the most of every precious moment of daylight.

Particularly in this time of seasons’ shift, as mornings grow crisp and cold, winter nights grow long, and thoughts turn to family and celebration, we all know that we have a responsibility to live simpler, better lives.

Here at Treasure House we hope we can help to effect that change. To join – and in our own small way to lead – the growing community of people creating a new way of doing things, a new way of living, that considers our impact on the world.

When we began having families, we realised how much of a battle it was to resist the pull of endless consumption: discarding our children’s old clothes as they outgrew them and splashing out on more as each season loomed. So we came up with a solution – and Treasure House was born.

Our vision is about parents coming together to swap and share the clothes they no longer need; to kick back against a society obsessed with the new, the quick, the cheap.

To make a dent in the 300,000+ tonnes of clothing UK households throw into landfill each year. To invest in pre-loved garments that are manufactured well, and with the human beings who make them in mind.

And to return to a way of thinking and living that treasures society’s resources, shares more, cares deeply and values quality and longevity over all things throwaway. The simplest change, made as stress-free as possible.

Join our community today and help turn back the clocks to a more sustainable way of life.

We are delighted to offer you a ‘welcome to Treasure House’ £15 credit redeemable on your first order, so you can touch first hand our quality. In exchange we would love to hear your feedback:  www.TreasureHouse.com

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