QUIZ: How much do you know about fast fashion?

Do you consider yourself an eco-fashionista? Can you be found lecturing your friends about the environmental impact of clothing on a daily basis, or are terms like ‘fashion waste’ and ‘fast fashion’ still new for you? Take the test and find out how much you really know about your wardrobe!

Answers can be found at the bottom.

Question 1

It takes a lot of water to produce a piece of clothing. How much water does it take to manufacture an average t-shirt?

A) 560 litres
B) 1150 litres
C) 2700 litres
D) 4200 litres

Question 2

During the production of one pair of jeans, 32 kg of CO2 is emitted. How far could you drive a car before you reach the same amount of CO2 emissions?

A) 21 miles
B) 78 miles
C) 103 miles
D) 129 miles

Question 3

According to the UN, one person needs a (bare) minimum of 1500 litres of water a month for bathing, cleaning and drinking. How many months’ water does it cost to make a dress?

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

Question 4

85% of the water used in the production if clothes is used for the dyeing of fabrics, which often leads to the pollution of rivers. What percentage of the industrial water pollution  worldwide can be traced back to the fashion industry?

A) 10%
B) 20%
C) 30%
D) 40%

Question 5

We’re buying more and more clothes each year. Compared to the year 2000, how much more?

A) 25% more
B) 40% more
C) 60% more
D) 75% more

Question 6

How many pieces of clothing are manufactured per person each year now?

A) Roughly 10
B) Roughly 20
C) Roughly 30
D) Roughly 40

Question 7

The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world. What is the first?

A) Oil
B) Food
C) Housing
D) Transport

Question 8

The average British woman only uses about a third of her clothes. What is the average value of the unworn items in her wardrobe?

A) £135
B) £285
C) £345
D) £415

Question 9

Unfortunately, many people still trash their clothes, instead of recycling them. How many pounds of clothing are wasted per person each year, globally?

A) 20 pounds
B) 30 pounds
C) 50 pounds
D) 70 pounds

Question 10

Luckily, these clothes can be saved! What percentage of discarded clothing can be upcycled or recycled?

A) 50%
B) 80%
C) 95%
D) 100%

Question 11

Second-hand clothes are ditching their stuffy image, and becoming the new (and cool) normal. How many people wear pre-loved clothes, worldwide?

A) 40%
B) 60%
C) 70%
D) 80%

Question 12

And finally… what’s the best place to find beautiful & eco-friendly pre-loved items for kids? 😉

A) Your mum’s attic
B) A charity shop
C) Ebay
D) Treasure House


1=C, 2=B, 3=D, 4=B, 5=C, 6=B, 7=A, 8=B, 9=D, 10=C, 11=C, 12=D


0-4 Correct Answers:  Fashion Fresher
You’ve heard about fast fashion, but never really looked into it much. Perhaps Primark is your guilty pleasure, or you still find the idea of second-hand clothes a little tricky. Why not organise a clothes swapping event with friends to start? Everyone brings wine, snacks and pre-loved clothes. Easy as that! Want to learn more? Check out Love Your Clothes for tips and info about fashion waste.

5-8 Correct Answers: Sustainability Student
You have done your homework. You know fashion comes at a cost, and you try to lessen its impact by choosing your clothes consciously. That said, sometimes you still give in to temptations; after all, it takes time and effort to be eco-friendly… Struggling to find the right solution for an issue? Check out Love Your Clothes for tips and info about how to combat fashion waste.

9-12 Correct Answers: Eco Expert
You are an environment expert, and know exactly how to deal with everything fashion. Whether it’s discarding, buying, swapping or mending, you are a true Recycling Hero, and your friends come to you for advice. So go on and be that role model! But don’t overdo it, there’s nothing worse than a condescending perfectionist… Want to learn even more tricks, or send people in the right direction? Check out the Love Your Clothes for tips and info.

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